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Heavy Legs! What are they? Those with heavy legs must know that the Leg Heaviness can be a major problem. There are many reasons why people suffer from leg heaviness and it can be a potential risk factor for heart failure and Vein Disease in Legs.

The symptoms of leg heaviness and sensation are also a result of Vein Disease in Legs. It is usually related to poor blood circulation. When either heart or veins are incapable of receiving and sending blood, respectively, it causes nerve disorders and venous systems to become sluggish and inactive. This leads to Leg Heaviness.

Have you ever felt legs jerking, restlessness, and numbness in legs and sometimes uncontrolled movements in legs, this is called ‘nocturnal myoclonus’, a medical term for the Involuntary Leg Movement. The individuals suffering from leg heaviness feel certain involuntary leg movement any time of the day and night.

Why do my legs feel tired?

Due to so much stagnancy and a sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper diet and workout regimen, we often tend to feel tiredness for no reason. This happens due to the insufficiency of the venous system. Our veins make additional effort to send back deoxygenated blood from legs to the heart. Due to poor lifestyle and inactivity, the veins have to put more stress. This leads to Vein Disease in Legs due to swollen veins, blood clotting, and more. Legs feel tired and restless at any time of the day and often suffer from the Involuntary Leg Movement.

Causes of Leg Heaviness

Poor Blood Circulation Dysfunction of the vascular system Ineffective Blood Flow Poor Nutrition Sedentary lifestyle Lack of Exercise Pregnancy Family history of Venous Insufficiency Obesity and more.

Treatment for Leg Heaviness

The first and foremost thing to ensure is to have an active and enthusiastic lifestyle. Most venous issues and resulting tiredness happen due to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. When people are more active, there is less chance of developing Vein Disease in Legs. Potential self-care and home-remedies & treatment solutions are;

Maintaining an effective weight. Do not consume alcohol or cigarettes. If you are someone putting too much into a regressive and intense workout, it’s time to take a break and follow easy cardio. Elevate your legs above the heart while sleeping. Have an active lifestyle. Wear Compression Stockings to improve the flow of blood. Eat healthy foods and focus on a nutritious diet. A warm bath and massage therapies are a great option to improve blood circulation. Dry brushing is another method that helps stimulate blood circulation, enhance and improve energy, and promote lymphatic drainage. Make sure you do not brush hard, else your skin might feel sore and bruised.

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