From evensong

Expedition Leaders and Staff

Morgan Shepherd: Leader of the expedition

Fidan Ludel: General Manager of the Expedition, administering Household, Farming, Livestock, Trading Post, Building, Kitchens, Hunting, and the Overseer

Shothonsona Bren: Religious Advisor, administering the Choir and other Favored

Nikos Demirci: Martial Advisor, administering the Mending, Scouting, and Navigation staff.

Ines Peverel: Inquisitor

Fiordelise Spira: Political Advisor, administering the Courier and Entertainment staff

Beyza a'Melten i'Berkant: Historical Advisor, administering the Research and Scholarship staff

Eustace Gardry: Mender. He's the older gentleman with a military background who worked with us on combat healing strategies.

Quercia: Mender. She's the favored of the Healing God. She also worked with the healers.

Orsolya Yorik: Ritual apprentice.

Irina Yorik: chicken guard. She also hunts with owls. They are sisters.

(There is another ritual apprentice, but I don't remember her name.)

Alister Wistow: Navigator, in charge of Exploration

Seeker Chepi: Official courier of the expedition

Master Kaspax: Favored of Sakitha, runs the shrine

Kochu: laborer, in training to be a mason


Templar General Andre Monbaird: General. Wears a sash with four stars on it. The T is silent. A follower of Nimblehands, member of the order of the Ace of Spades

Seneschal Vareck: Curly hair, wears a sash with three stars on it

Seneschal Addison Morris: Was the seneschal, then got demoted, and is now back to her former rank and has been put in charge of the new Vesper Expeditionary Force


Eglantine: (long white/gray hair)

Druda: (Dantessi, brownish mask)

The Happy Wanderer: A performer of some renown. Dantessi man.

(There are three or four others who come and go, but I don't know their names)

Other People We've Met

There was another scout, too, with long hair with a white streak. I think his name maybe began with J?

Waystation staff: Ash Willowfoot (a Floorborn Thilmini); was the final anchor. The other anchors were a woman named Wren; the quartermaster and another man who works at the waystation, whose names I didn't get; and a hedgehog.

Torgen Yorik: a Zoku and member of an expedition that went further north, near Evensong; we met him on a Pathfold and he told us about some of the dangers of the area. We promised to leave food and supplies for his band as they make their way back south. He is Orsolya and Irina's uncle. His sister Averil died because of poisoned water.

 Update, 808: Unfortunately, Torgen has been seen to be turning to stone. We don't know how long he has.

Carver: a bandit leader, now joining the expedition.

Skylar: likewise

Horace Beech: Wild Mage who practices Bone Casting

Algernon: a practitioner of Hedgwizardry (another form of Wild Magic)

Angerslaer: the Stone Caster and her daughter Luna (who has red hair and a stony arm)

Elinor: the Wild Mage responsible for the animated cookie-people

Onyx: A person who was once Zhek, but whose ... spirit? life? essence? ... was placed into a construct made by the strange experimenter who had occupied the Keep of the Farseer. Has joined the Expedition, and is beginning to remember some of who he used to be.

The Anchoress: A follower of the Dreaming Goddess who has walled herself into a tiny room with just a slot for food to be passed to her by a maidservant. She spends her time praying, and receives occasional visitors.

Venderos: of the Order of Tyrissi in Dantessa, a scholar and healer.

Hutz'rah Vrondo: Ambassador from the Volduno Empire.

Ember: A woman in the woods who used berserk animals to attack people (described by Layla)

Other People We've Heard About

Claret: A red-haired woman, leader of a band of smugglers who smuggle coffee from Zhekiza through the northlands to avoid paying taxes on it. Torgen told us about her.