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Male, God of Measures

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Testing, Knowledge, Risk

Symbol: Abacus

Notes: His followers are tasked with the duty of tracking the relative standing of the deities, and ensuring that the balance of representation within the Thousand-Fold Assembly reflects the divine order.

Bookmaker Ven

Genderless, Gambling and Bookmaking (i.e. making, taking, and honoring bets)'

Associated with Sakitha

Aliases and Epithets: The god of Lawns, The Bookmaker

Domains: Trickery, Risk, Knowledge

Symbol: A closed book, binding on the left side. On top of the book are three six-sided dice, all showing sixes. The dice are arranged in the lower-center portion of the book in a right-side-up equilateral triangle.

Bookmaker Ven is a patron god for gamblers and bookies, with his following mostly being in the City of Dreams and the Land of Gold and Silver. Most laypeople following Bookmaker Ven do so in his gambling aspect; he is revered by many of the Land's bookies in his other aspect, and taking wagers is a large part of his priesthood's sacred duties. The priesthood of the Bookmaker are often found associated with organized gaming and gambling. In areas where they have influence, they are often respected and feared by those that might cheat in gambling or betting.

It is not uncommon for Favored of the Bookmaker to also honor Sakitha - or at least to find employment in Sakitha's banking shrines. Access to the books makes it easier to fulfill their duties to Bookmaker Ven. Contrary to the opinions of some, followers of the Bookmaker are often the most scrupulous of clerks in Sakitha's shrines; being excluded from the banking system would make it extremely hard to fulfill their duties.


Female, Goddess of Hot Springs

Associated with Tisane

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Water, Rejuvination, Community

Symbol: Flower floating on water

Notes: Chaudette is the deity of hot spring baths, which can be found throughout the lands. She very rarely manifests in the physical form, but instead makes her presence known by altering water temperature, or by smoothing or agitating the springwater. Her favored pools will have nearly impossible temperature gradients, such that visitors can find just the right temperature by only shifting slightly around the pools. Usually pools will be burbling, which many find relaxing, although there are times when visitors will implore Chaudette for still waters, which She often grants. The visitors then set out floating tables and a floating picnic ensues.


Deity of farmland (and possibly other things)

Aliases and Epithets:



Notes: One of their favored is Bellona Venier, one of the rotating members of the holy council.


God of Contracts

Aliases and Epithets:



Notes: One of their favored is Hazan Tiryaki, one of the rotating members of the Holy Council


Female, Goddess of Volcanoes and Change

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Fire, Destruction, Rejuvination

Symbol: Volcano

Notes: Favored of Dhegea are often called upon for guidance and support during great upheavals or life changes both natural and personal, including war, natural disaster, divorce, marriage, and childbirth. Legends say that when one of the mountains of Concordance begin to smoke, it is Dhegea's warning to her faithful that great change-- for good or ill-- is coming, and they must prepare to face it.



Aliases and Epithets:


Symbol: Circle: left half white, right half black

Notes: Younger brother of Povo. God of Zhad legend. Legend has it that the siblings fought, then Povo killed Erindir. It was common for a younger person to follow Erindir, then switch to Povo when they aged. Researching these brother gods is currently considered Heretical for some reason (and possibly dangerous).


Genderless, Diety of Flowers

Associated with Tamal and Minsin

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Plant, Rejuvination, Dream



Imbali's followers work closely with those of Tamal and Minsin, but their focus is on those plants that bring beauty into people's lives.


Male, God of Justice

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Sanction, Community, Testing

Symbol: Set of Scales

Notes: Favored and followers of Izail often act as advocates for people who have been wronged or to assist those who seek justice. Izail's followers are often called upon to observe and sanctify elections, contests, games, and tournaments.

Jade Font

Genderless diety of debts and balances

Associated with Izail

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Community, Water, Sanction

Symbol: ?

Notes: They oversee unpaid debts and things not in balance, typically at a very personal level. Water is strongly associated with the deity - as the wry saying goes, it's not the deity's tears that wash away the pain, but the tears from the person forced to confront the imbalance combined with the tears of the listener who is finally heard.


Female, Goddess of Knowledge

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Knowledge, Pattern, Mind

Symbol: Scroll or Book

Notes: Those who follow Kanon understand that knowledge is as valuable as treasure and often just as hard to find. While many followers of Kanon are librarians and archivists, there are some who honor their goddess by using knowledge to affect the flow of power within the Thousand Fold Assembly and the great markets of Dantessa. Legends say that when looking for hard-to-find lore, certain rare scholars have stumbled into a mysterious library that exists everywhere and nowhere, full of knowledge lost to the world. While everyone who follows Kanon speaks of such a library with great longing, most believe it to be a myth created by Zhek parents to lull their children to sleep.


God of Blunders

Aliases and Epithets:



Notes: One of their favored is Ettore Collegario, one of the rotating members of the Holy Council


Female Goddess of the Forge

Aliases and Epithets: The Slag Reaper, The Obsidian Goddess

Domains: Fire, Testing, Earth

Symbol: An anvil or a piece of obsidian

Notes: As Dhegea's older sister, Kythos is also a volcano goddess. Unlike her sister, Kythos's lava is directed at experimenting with the land, always striving for perfection. Considered the Goddess of the forge, Kythos's followers constantly seek to test themselves. Those who fail will be reforged into something stronger. Often it is said that Kythos is the will behind Dhegea's Destructive tendencies; Kythos instigated Dhegea to make rash decisions in order to test the land and its inhabitants. Many followers hide their worship of Kythos, pretending to be followers of Dhegea instead. In the daggerlands, Kythos worship is nearly unheard of, except by the favored and elders. Favored of Kythos are called Shapers; Their goal is to shape their tribe to overcome any obstacles both seen and unseen.


Male, God of Forests

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Plant, Rejuvination, Earth

Symbol: A tree

Notes: Minsin's followers are often called upon to ensure proper balance within the natural world, both in the wild and in human settlements, and even in cities. The most favored of Minsin may also find themselves blessed to stumble upon the Grove of Promise, a sacred glen said to be revealed only to those who need it most, and never when they expect it. Legends say the Grove is a refuge for rare creatures and a repository of long-lost seeds waiting for their proper time to be returned to the world.


God of Beards

Aliases and Epithets:



Notes: One of their favored is Darra Blackstone, one of the rotating members of the Holy Council


Deity of Traveling, Air, and Birds

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Air, Exploration, Rejuvenation

Symbols: Wind. Owls (?)


A deity of the Zhadogundun. May or may not also have a Southron counterpart.


Aliases and Epithets: The Midden God



Notes: Gives boons for cleaning up an area. Fights chaos and decay.


Male, God of Luck

Aliases and Epithets: Lord of Aces

Domains: Trickery, Risk, Community

Symbol: aa

Notes: God of Luck. His most common symbol is an Ace. Favored of Nimblehands are often called upon to bless items that people believe will bring them good luck, such as new homes, wedding rings, or “lucky” tokens. While there are many individual followers and religious orders of the Lord of Aces, there happen to be four well-known sister sects known as The Ace of Suits Orders. Each member wears a hidden tattoo, and may or may not make their affiliation visible. Each order believes luck must be earned before you can spend it:

• The Order of the Clubs are mercenaries for hire, earning their luck by getting the job done.

• The Order of the Spades earn luck by not being noticed. Their game is subtlety, whether with a dagger in the night or an assassination of character.

• The Order of the Diamonds earn their luck through the acquisition of resources, be it wealth, knowledge or power.

• The Order of the Hearts operate under the assertion that to gain good luck you must put good fortune out into the world. They use their skills to obtain knowledge and resources to right wrongs. They seek to uncover conspiracies and lay traitors bare.


Female, Goddess of Laughing in the Face of Certain Doom

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Community, Risk, Knowledge

Symbol: a smiling mouth or face

Notes: Celebrated with parties and revelry just before embarking upon some perilous task or battle. Paza is a favorite of those who take risks on a regular basis.



Aliases and Epithets:


Symbol: Circle: left half black, right half white

Notes: Older brother of Erindir. God of Zhad legend. Legend has it that the siblings fought, then Povo killed Erindir. It was common for a younger person to follow Erindir, then switch to Povo when they aged. Researching these brother gods is currently considered Heretical for some reason (and possibly dangerous).


Female, Goddess of Banking And Commerce

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Pattern, Testing, Community

Symbol: Coins

Notes: Sakitha often draws the attention of those who work for a living as well as those who hire them. Followers of Sakitha typically value honest work and tend to frown upon those who practice deception for monetary gain. Within the temple Favored of Sakitha are absolutely honest and forthright about the value of an item, however they are not required to do so in their personal business and may be fond of haggling.


Male, God of Harvest and Cultivation

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Plant, Community, Rejuvination

Symbol: a sheaf of grain

Notes: Favored of Tamal are directly focused on the full cycle of life and the natural order. Along with this comes a sense of great pragmatism and reverence for all aspects of the natural order. Followers are often called for assistance and blessings in both birth and death, planting and harvest, and for advice on how to avoid waste in all things. There are many orders of Tamal dedicated to the care and reverence of the elderly, and it is said that some of the most Favored are occasionally granted visions from those who have gone before, in times of trial.

Taladh Masail

Female goddess of music

Aliases and Epithets:


Symbol: A whole note, often drawn with a musical staff


Goddess of music and maybe something about lost knowledge? (My notes are smudged, sorry. -VV)


Aliases and Epithets:



Notes: One of their favored was Morgan Shepherd, hero of truth and justice. Rest in peace.


Aliases and Epithets:


Symbol: A pawprint


The Dreaming Goddess

Female goddess of dreams

Aliases and Epithets: Lady of Dreams

Domains: Dream, Knowledge*, Rejuvenation (but see notes below)

Symbol: Pair of eyes, one eye open, or a single vertically riven eye that is half open and half shut

Notes: The most widely followed deity in Concordance. The Ashensing is a lullaby that is played every evening throughout all Concordance in reverence to the Dreaming Goddess that is said to bring peaceful dreams to all who listen. At some point prior to the Nightmare war, before her Schism with Lady Reverie, her domains were Dream, Community and Rejuvination.

The Lady Reverie

Female Goddess of Madness, Confusion, Illusion, Chaos, and Epiphany

Aliases and Epithets: Cataract. The Madness of the Storm. The Light Beneath the Wave. The Storm Upon the Sea.

Domains: Dream, Trickery, Water. Pre-nightmare war the domains were Dream, Trickery, Rejuvenation.

Symbol: The Crashing Wave.

Notes: Reverie is linked with the confusion, misdirection, and delirium that come from sleep, fever, insanity, trance, and other altered mental states. According to the beliefs of her followers, these concepts are deeply intertwined with the more positive aspects of their goddess: only through the confusion can one find greater understanding. Only through madness can one achieve true enlightenment.

She is strongly associated with the visions and waking-dreams that come from the gift of Dark Portents. Like such dark portents, Lady Reverie is often unpredictable and confusing, and any knowledge she deigns to impart is as likely to perplex as elucidate. She expects her followers to think for themselves and to seek knowledge and understanding both within and without. She enjoys clever puzzles, and it is common for those who seek enlightenment to offer her riddles as tribute, usually by dropping them into a rapidly-flowing stream or river.

Her church may have formally broken off from the main church prior to the nightmare war. It is unclear how separate she is from the dreaming goddess or the sisters. She may or may not also be a nightmare, or may be at least partially nightmare aspected. She does currently have any formal churches, though various cults* still worship her in secret.

(*Though that term implicitly assumes an outdated perspective on religious modalities that really has no place in a free modern society)

The Sisters

The Daughter of the Moon

The Singer in Shadow

Zhadogundun terms for the entities worshipped in the northlands as the dreaming goddess

Aliases and Epithets: It's . . . complicated . . .

Domains: Pre-Nightmare war: some followers used Dream,Community,Rejuvenation. Some used Dream,Darkness,Rejuvenation.

Symbol: Crescent moon next to a full moon


The Daughter of the Moon is reportedly/probably(?) the dreaming goddess.

The Singer in Shadow might be the Lady Reverie.

The Singer in Shadow might also be a nightmare? Unclear.

According to a (ghostly) favored of the sisters:

Before the concordance, “The Daughter of the Moon and the Singer in Shadows existed in balance, harmonious. The Singer in Shadows focused on nightmare as truth manifested as warnings.”

The favored herself had the gift of dark portents (!!!) and indicated that this power was similar to/associated with the Singer in Shadow's gifts, and that the gift of dark portents was itself considered a gift from the singer.

Supposedly “The Dreaming Goddess” is actually both of the sisters, but southerners just don't recognize the duality.


Redeemer of the Zoku, Handmaiden of Dreams

Female Goddess of redemption and healing

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Rejuvenation, Knowledge, Risk

Symbol: A serpent

Associated with the dreaming goddess

Possibly Zhotha, see below

Notes: Tyrissi is devoted to the eventual redemption of the Zoku, by proving that they are worthy of it with selfless acts. Specifically, she is a goddess of healing, and healing without hope for reward. It is said that she was instrumental in getting the Dreaming Goddess and the Assembly to make the promise of eventual redemption to the Zoku and restoration of their homeland to the defeated Heretic Queen. In return, She promised herself to be a servant to the Lady of Dreams.


Female, Goddess of Diplomacy and tea parties

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Community, Pattern, Water

Symbol: A tea pot

Notes: Favored of Tisane often serve as ambassadors, political negotiators and party planners. There is a legend that during certain momentous tea ceremonies Tisane herself may bless the Tea, making it especially potent and powerful, said to be filled with the holy fragrance of a myriad of different leaves and petals. This is known as the Tea of a Thousand Blooms and generally takes place once in a lifetime, in an hour of great need, when fate hangs in the balance.


Male, God of Favors

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Community, Trickery, Risk

Symbol: three spirals emanating from a central point

Notes: Favors asked for and granted in Venenzze's name are considered the most sincere and important to uphold. The order known as “Hands of the Benevolent” operates Venenzze's city-based temples and collects donations, also known as favors, for redistribution to the less fortunate. In many regions, it is also customary for hosts of public gatherings (balls, weddings, tournaments, etc.) to either collect from attendees or provide a donation in the event's name in an attempt to gain Venenzze's good favor.


Female Goddess of exploration and Discovery

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Exploration, Pattern, Risk

Symbol: ?

Notes: Vykress looks favorably upon those who seek to discover, uncover, and expand knowledge of the world and those who live or have lived within it.


Zhadogundun god of stone

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Earth, Darkness

Symbol: A hexagon missing its bottom line segment


A diety of the Zhadogundun. May or may not also have a Southron counterpart.


Zhadogundun god(dess?) of healing

Aliases and Epithets:

Domains: Rejuvenation, Knowledge, Risk

Symbol: A serpent


A diety of the Zhadogundun. May or may not also have a Southron counterpart.

Possibly another name for Tyrissi?