Creatures and Beings

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Creatures We've Encountered


Harrowed: Those who have been corrupted by Nightmare. The basic Harrowed seem to be fairly mindless and fight without particular skill or tactics. More advanced Harrowed can cause torment, silence (and what else?). Some advanced Harrowed glow blue and can be harmed only with Divine power. (Described by Miri.)

Malefer: (Someone please correct my spelling, I only heard the name rather than seeing it written.) These are more advanced Nightmare beings. They are unique and what works against one may not work against others. The first one we encountered, at the Waystation, was able to trap people in their own nightmares and use them as anchors to pull in a chunk of the Weave. It appeared as a black creature with a beak-like face, and seemed to know the nightmares of at least some people it encountered. (Described by Miri.)


Reverie: Creatures of dream. Maybe the positive counterpart to Malefers? They seem connected to the Dreaming Goddess; both were very attracted to one of the Champions that is favored of her, and they responded extremely positively when wished pleasant dreams. (Described by Miri and Thaddeus.)


Stoneformed: We met one in a ruined palace. She had once been a person Thaddeus knew, and she was now an animate being of stone that would paralyze you if she hit you. There seem to be some obvious parallels to the tales of the Basilisk. (Described by Thaddeus.) I also heard from Ash Willowfoot, one of the Waystation guides, that he encountered a group of "living statues" once. Might be the same sort of thing? And someone else, now I don't remember who, described the Basilisk's victims as slowly turning to stone. (Miri)

Spiders: "Nasty little buggers. Well...nasty big buggers, really. The size of a man. Though the ones encountered by myself and others appeared while we were in the Weave. Capable of trapping a person in place in order to feast upon them.

The ones encountered were accompanied by a strange creature that seemed to be constructed of threads. A hypothesis was made that this being was a walking web. This being was, in my opinion, much more dangerous. It could calm the aggression of its victims and, upon doing so, could then compel the victim to draw close to it, at which point, it would send the victim into a state of slumber. Presumably to provide an easy meal for the spiders it accompanied.

"I only encountered them the one time and it was in the Weave, so I can't say if these creatures are native only to the Weave or if they exist outside of the Weave as well." (Described by Iosef)

The Fell Winter (can someone describe this? I'm not sure I understand what it is)


See separate discussion begun in 807. There are theories that the Basilisk may be the Heretic Queen, or tied in some way to her. We encountered the Basilisk, speaking through one of its stone victims, at the ruins of the Farseer in spring 808. Thanks to Ilyani winning its challenge, it agreed not to interfere with us until at least fall. There are rumors that it can control its victims through mirrors.